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Hybridverse Blockchain
6 min readNov 20, 2019


At, we’re building the multi-chain dApps ecosystem that enables to integrate different blockchain applications supporting multiple public blockchain networks, Hybridverse Project started 1 year ago and we’re building from the Incubator for of Polytechnic of Turin a governmental incubator which has recently been ranked best public business incubator in the world (UBI ranking).

Hybridverse ecosystem will be initially constituted by:

Data Timestamp

Blockchain E-Vote

End-to-end Digital Asset Generator

HybriDEX Decentralized Exchange

Hybrid Euro HEUR, the Euro-backed stablecoin

Hybridverse HBDV

HBDV can be staked to participate in the workchain, a distributed business made of decentralized workers that receive rewards for their participation and enables to participate in ecosystem fees governance.

We’re working with many public and private organizations, some of them are NVIDIA, GLBC, Accord, University of Turin and others.

Hybridverse provides easy blockchain integration allowing existent and new adopters to focus on business aspects of blockchain technology with no compromises on software portfolio, decentralization and scalability.

Q1. How do you see the project develop in 3–5 years from now, both business wise & company wise? What are the plans to expand in different regions? Will you outsource the team/skills or keep it centralized ?️What’s your future plans for which types of solution currently working on?

Steve:- Very nice question, well..

During the early stage of the internet 1.0, building websites was very difficult, then in the internet 2.0 web applications have become to be more inclusive and CMS paved the way to website development. In 3–5 year Hybridverse will be among the founding companies of the internet 3.0. Hybridverse Workchain is fully end-to-end and scalable, relying on public networks enables to process high volume of transactions (and high throughput on our Zilliqa chain), we’re very competitive and strong of value proposition, market reach, in term of outsourcing, as Hybridverse we will maintain and upgrade the protocol, in terms of market reach Hybridverse DAE enables to expand market reach worldwide and Delegate Nodes can participate in the Workchain, by doing so they can be blockchain software providers, in terms of 5 years we want to have many Delegate Nodes that sell decentralized SaaS solutions full time.

Check our technology roadmap here

We’re in continuous r&d wichi means we will not only upgrade our existing solutions but create new ones (we’re looking into DeFi and AI).

Q2. DApps are new trends in Blockchain! How easy you made to make DApps on HYBRIDVERSE Chain? Do you have any running DApps on your chain? There are some amazing numbers of stable coin! Let’s take example of TetherUSD which has marketcap of 4B and more, how HEUR ecosystem works? Thanks :))

Steve:- Check this link:

Q3. I saw something about blockchain voting, please how does this work and how have you been able to pitch this to government of the world

What aspects are you focusing on, DeFi, business, gaming, economy, government and what innovativeness does you add to them.

Steve:- Discussing with public institutions is more as a bureaucracy matter than a technology matter, we’re pursuing pilot projects with governments for some of our applications, nothing is official yet.
In case of voting technologies such reasoning is even stronger as everyone can totally agree than when talking about governments, voting processes have many interests around and politicians don’t want to vote on blockchain.

However we’ll get there in the long term.

Q4. For Blockchain technology: Security,Scalability and Transparency are the advantages! How do Hybirdeverse take advantage of Blockchain to develop Ecosystem, DApps or Exchange, etc?

Steve:- In terms of security, every user-software interaction is sully end-to-end encrypted,the scalability layer on Zilliqa network processes 2.6k TPS, we support public networks only, so fully transparent transactions.

Q5. No one can achieve the massive success you have enjoyed without strategic partners and collaborators, please can you share about your partnerships that has achieved you so much success ?What’s the story behind the name HYBRIDVERSE, and explain your plans to invade and disrupt The new industry 4.0

Steve:- Sure, as I told you in the introduction, a year ago we’ve applied the first PoC for Hybridverse to the Incubator of Turin Polytechnic which validated our project and included Hybridverse among its network, since then, we’ve being implementing the design for Hybrid Euro, which is finished and Hybrid Euro is going to be released Q4. We have a multi-purpose partner network touching every are educational, institutional and private businesses.

We’ve partnership which is currently, here you can read the mention on nasdaq ctrl+f: “hybridverse”

We’re running a Pilot test with VeicoliAPP an IOT fleet management system with over 150k users, read about it here

We develop client base solutions and middleware products as well which enables to expand even more the business network and reach.

We’re working with the University of Turin on a project under NDA which will be a technology pilot with in a EU commission project.

Q6. What do you think is the biggest problem Hybridverse will solve which is not solved by your competitors?

Steve:- Plug & Play integration a.k.a adoption.

Q7. There are 3 core issues prevalent in crypto and blockchain technology today, security, interoperability and scalability. How does you overcome these plagues and stand out as top project? How does the advent of 5G NETWORK SUPPORT THE HYBRIDVERSE project? Do you think It will aid adoption?

Steve:- Hybridverse solves that by implementing cutting edge technology, end to end encryption, multi-chain, high throughput respectively.

Q8. Can HybriDEX give users full assurance that they will keep their digital money for years? What are the features of the P2P infrastructure? People still have general doubts about security. Can HybriDEX be a pioneer in the market?

Steve:- HybriDEX is fully decentralized, users authorize transactions with their own private keys, which are stored on the user’s local device. HybriDEX NEVER will never your private key.

Q9. How does Hybridverse ensure users efficiency and security while eliminating unnecessary agents? Can the infrastructure system prevent hacking attacks from outside? Can Hybridverse give full assurance to businesses and companies?

Steve:- Everyone can plug their wallet, fire up the browser and will be able to either sell or buy blockchain SaaS ranging between data validation & verification, trading, asset creation and much more, with no third parties involved.

Q10. Can users’ fingerprint data and API records be copied with unidentified digital attacks? Most stock markets have experienced major problems in this regard. How does your team prioritize these issues?

Steve: No. data validation & verification can be performed with our without a validator ID, in any case only hashes are to be public.

Q11. Can you give us information about Cold Storage? Can users keep their digital money in cold stores when they don’t want to trade for a long time?
What are your plans for 2020? will you give priority to community groups to reach more users?

Steve:- Sure, our mobile wallets never store your private keys as are created, stored, managed on the user device.

Q12. Many projects claims they made accessing blockchain for adoptable but Hybridverse website shows that it is not YET easy to access! Why HYBRIDVERSE thinks so? What steps it is making to make it more adoptable?

Steve:- Blockchain is still a niche market, if you ask about blockchain and ask about internet the more than 90% of people below 50 years old will know only the latter, that’s adoption.

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