Introducing Proof of existence & ownership to the Legal Hackers.

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3 min readApr 2, 2020


We are pleased to announce that we’ve joined Legal Hackers Turin, a movement of lawyers, policymakers, designers, technologists, academics who explore and develop creative solutions to some of the most pressing issues at the convergence of law and a rapidly and steadily changing technology.

Legaltech discussion: cryptographic Proof of existence & ownership with timestamp tech.

Timestamp technology has proven to be disruptive in many industries, from IP certification to audit liability & trail protection, from trusted file sharing to digital identity, supply chain & much more. Timestamping technology, when implemented correctly, can be applied to every sector operating digital data.

Whether it’s true and evident that timestamps can be implemented in multiple industries and processes, it’s also true that given the fact that such technology it’s still in its infancy, new use cases will be discovered in the times to come.

The new timestamp solution that Hybridverse is building, it’s forecasted to be more efficient, as the stress tests we’re conducting are showing that the Data Timestamp validation finality to be under <1 minute, where other timestamp technologies can, in some cases take up to 4 hours to validate on-chain and in other cases can take up to 1 day. The technical specifications of our soon to be released soloution will be unfolded in a dedicated article that among other things will also disclose our main technology partner (a major public Platform to build decentralized applications) that’s helping us to make this possible.

How to join the Web Meetup with Legal Hackers Turin [ITA]

Given the global COVID-19 situation, the conversation is going to be held in a webinar that will run April 3rd 2020 from 4 PM to 5 PM, the conversation will be in italian, subsequently it will be uploaded with english subtitles on Hybridverse Youtube channel, italian speakers can join via this link

More about Hybridverse

Hybridverse Workchain is the shared enterprise distributed across business decentralized workers [node operators] who are in charge to provide end-users with access to dApps. We’re building a universe made of dApps (decentralized applications) that enables providers to build new solutions on top of Hybridverse infrastructure on one end and allows end users to access the benefits of blockchain technology on the other end. People are able to leverage the benefits of multiple decentralized applications and solutions, from data verification and validation, to digital assets generation, peer-to-peer exchange, digital asset management, E-voting, stablecoins & more.

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More about Legal Hackers

Legal Hackers promote “legal hacking” — i.e., the process of developing creative solutions to issues at the intersection of law and technology — and are inspired by the ethos of the original MIT hackers. The output of legal hacking could be a tech-based solution (e.g., legal tech, reg tech, etc), improvement in legal services delivery, or a new way of addressing a public policy issue such as data protection, intellectual property, or the sharing economy.

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