Introducing Data Timestamp: world’s fastest, enterprise-grade, notarization dApp, landing on Zilliqa Platform.

Time is universally autonomous

What’s a blockchain based timestamp? Why it’s so important? Does it make a disruptive difference?

Ok, I get that blockchain timestamps will disrupt the data industry. But, how Data Timestamp differs from timestamps that are currently available?

It just works.


“Chronos” The Father of Time


“Kairos “ The God of Opportunity

Legally backed technology

The existence of a timestamp is for a fact undeniable, by every government in the democratic country (even where this technology matter isn’t regulated a case backed by a timestamp can be easily won in any court of Law) given the technological certainty of timestamps. In a blockchain industry where many segments aren’t regulated yet, the segment of timestamps is officially and legally backed by a European regulation that goes far back as 2014, as article 41 of the European Regulation n. 910 depicts: “the use of information technologies through the use of technologies registered on distributed registers produces the legal effects of the electronic time validation” . The regulation also implies that the provider of the technology (given that the technology is distributed, decentralized and trust-less) is an authorized entity that certifies those aspects that are certifiable with timestamps (proof of existence, proof of ownership) , with the difference that unlike centralized providers, the timestamp provider doesn’t need to be either approved or overseen by the any regulator given that the provider’s technology is distributed and given that no one has control over the consensus. This is a decisive key for unlocking the long term success of timestamp technology.

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A very actual use case: health certificates

And there are more, that are continuously discovered in any segment where data is handled.

A leap to the future


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