Hybridverse Workchain case study: how a decentralized business model can be an effective instrument [even] during a pandemic breakout.

[virus or not] “a productive society must go on”

“Palazzo Chigi” the Prime Minister’s Residence in Rome with the colors of the Italian Flag
  1. work remotely, through fast and free connectivity and the use of advanced smart working platforms;
  2. read a newspaper for free even without going to the newsstand or a book without going to the library on your smartphone or tablet;
  3. keep up with school and training courses, thanks to e-learning platforms, as proposed by the Ministry of Education;
  4. use digital online services, such as accessing public or specialist services, such as medical or professional advice;
  5. carry out a distance of activities of everyday life, such as shopping, sporting activities, but also socializing, political and religious life, associations, or even hobbies, such as the arts or cooking.
Business Continuity Planning vademecum received from the Irish Dept. of Business, Enterprise and Innovation

COVID-19 has boosted smart working adoption

Hybridverse’s Workchain decentralized working

  1. Payments and settlements are regulated via smart contracts
  2. Agreements are signed directly via with the worker private key
  3. Referral IDs are public keys on a public blockchain network
  4. The removal of the need of trust removes the need of human interaction
  5. Any smart contract compatible function can be independently coded and implemented on top of the Workchain by developers where needed
An Ethereum address or public key, which is used by the worker as referral ID

A practical example between smart working and decentralized working business implementations

An example of spoofed email that we received where at the top you can read the domain dhl.com but it’s just a phishing attempt to download the attached file which in reality is a Trojan virus

Innovating the present for a better future

Stay safe


Hybridverse Labs



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