Hybridverse conducts data validation & verification pilot with VeicoliAPP

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3 min readOct 1, 2019


About Hybridverse

Hybridverse is a core technology company addressing and disrupting how businesses and individuals improve their operation workflow by leveraging blockchain technology in an easy and inclusive allowing to add quality and increase security with tools that can fulfill use cases ranging from governance, e-payments, tokenization, data validation & more.

Hybridverse securely removes intermediaries between user and software, improving privacy and data security with blockchain tools that are fully end-to-end encrypted enabling to securely remove single points of failure.

Hybridverse dApps portfolio include:

  • Automated, Drag & Drop validation & verification of real world data
  • E-voting protocol for public and private governance decision making
  • Digital asset generator for creating cryptocurrencies, tokenizing real world assets and securities in compliance with regulatory standards & guidelines
  • HybriDEX Decentralized Exchange with launchpad & listing
  • HEUR, the Euro-backed stable value cryptocurrency (stablecoin)
  • Multi-currency wallets for digital assets management & custody

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Veicoli is a cloud management software for scheduling maintenance and monitoring your fleet allowing to plan & analyze activities, such as: maintenance, management and control of the vehicle fleet.

The system allows real-time detection of fleet activities, consumption and areas of savings. Immediately try fleet management software that can offer cost monitoring and process visibility.

Veicoli Plug & Play OBDV device locates the door, connects the device, checks the connection with the application and starts your fleet management.

With 130k+ Registered users 140k+ Managed vehicles 850k+ costs monitored and 2k+ new users per month, 450+ companies have already chosen VEICOLI for the management of the company fleet.

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Blockchain based data validation & verification

Hybridverse and Veicoli are conducting a pilot project using Hybridverse’s client-based, data validation & verification protocol to add a certification layer to the collected data of Veicoli’s fleet management system IOT devices.

Testing the software with a leading company in data gathering, has pushed forward the development of our “soon to be released” Timestamp Protocol, which development is now ahead of schedule for its release in Q1 2020.

Our Timestamp protocol enables to validate, verify, certify the collected data to clients which are provided with tamper-proof assurance of the integrity.

We’re currently testing utilizing our timestamp protocol’s backend that is currently fully fledged & working, future implementations are in regards of adding the Drag & Drop interface for ease of use and other features as described on our timestamp section of the website.

This pilot project adds a blockchain layer to Veicoli’s innovative system for data collection, certifying the data automatically, end-to-end, in compliance with GDPR & confidentiality rulings as well as testing backed infrastructure in regards to daily validation /verification, data gathered from 150k+ users.

Hybridverse and VEICOLI are part of I3P, the Incubator for Innovative Companies of Polytechnic University of Turin (1st incubator in Italy).

Stay tuned!

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