Hybridverse joins University of Turin Blockchain Iniative(UTBI)

Hybridverse Blockchain
2 min readOct 31, 2019

About Hybridverse

Hybridverse is a core technology that provides decentralized applications running with the same business logic across multiple & different blockchains.

Providing Plug & Play decentralized application, with easy integration, at a level that enables users to focus on business aspects of blockchain technology.

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About University of Turin Blockchain Initiative

UBTI are an interdisciplinary research group on distributed ledger technologies involving expertise from several scientific domains such as law, sociology, philosophy, computer science and economics of the University of Turin Italy, UBTI studies, promotes the use of blockchain technology in areas such as Social Good and Economy to generate value for society.

The Consortium

  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Socio-Economics and Statistics
  • Department of Law
  • Department of Culture, Politics and Society
  • IcxT — ICT and Innovation for the Society and the Territory

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About the Partnership

The collaboration between Hybridverse and UBTI focuses research, development, awareness and education, we’re working on a Social Good project with the Department of Informatics along with we’re building as technology provider a Proof of Concept for transparently tracking expenditure between the Public Administration and Businesses during Public bids.

We’re also collaborating on running a series of seminars and conferences discussing core topics of the blockchain space among potential new adopters.

Words from our CEO

As former student and researcher at Turin University, where also much of the educational background of Hybridverse team comes from, given our research activities with Turin Polytechnic Incubator and given my involvement in the Region Public Administration as blockchain advisor for the Department of Budget and Business Development, I am extremely proud of the framework that we’re constituting with Public Education and Administration Institutions.

What’s next

The collaboration with UBTI as Academical Partner is a very important step for Hybridverse which puts academic research as one of its core values.

We’re exploring different areas, from research and client-based Proof of Concept development, to education and awareness on topics that we believe are crucial and that those who are interested in blockchain tech must know.

We see this collaboration as a further step to raise awareness and connect blockchains to Public Organizations, we’re building a network of innovative entities interested in blockchain technology, we’re providing an easier way for them to translate such interests in integration, adoption, real world solutions.

Step by step, future becomes present.

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