Hybridverse joins Livechain “lessons from the future of work” introducing the Workchain DAE for the first time

Hybridverse Blockchain
2 min readAug 24, 2020


The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a significant shift in working patterns, with offices empty and more people working from home than ever before.

Hybridverse has introduced the first concept of the Workchain more than a year ago, before the pandemic breakout which subsequently led to the mainstream utilization of terms such as “remote working” and “smart working”, Hybridverse was talking about decentralized work, a new way for organizations to distribute revenues and settle agreements without having to rely on centralized trust and agreements but instead achieving a higher level of collaboration through the implementation of smart contract technology in a machine-to-machine environment that distributes the fruits of the work in a peer-to-peer, automatic and cryptographically enforceable way, in compliance with regulations through the combination of legally enforceable contracts, public keys as digital identities and tokenizedassets as medium of exchange.

LiveChain: Lessons From The Future Of Work​, is a new three-day virtual conference taking place from 1–3 September, 2020, that will bring together thought leaders in blockchain, crypto, and other emerging technology sectors to share their reflections on resilience in a post-pandemic world.

Speakers & topics of discussion

Speakers range from various companies that are involved in the blockchain space either directly through technological implementations or through the provision of technological services. Speakers are variegated and represent entities such as, AVA Labs, Informal Systems, PwC, GSX, Group and many others, click here to see the list of speakers that’ll be discussing in Livechain.

The event is structured in 3 tracks, which are:

Track 1: Personal Financial Wellness
Track 2: The New World of Work (we are here!)
Track 3: Building a Business

Our CEO will be introducing the new Workchain DAE implementation which Hybridverse as a whole is quite proud of as we are the first ones in the world to introduce the concepts of Decentralized Autonomous Economy, Workchain and Decentralized Workers. The road to implementation is still long, but as usual, step by step, future becomes present.

So what are you waiting for?

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