Hybridverse: a Decentralized SaaS Economy without “Chains”

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4 min readFeb 12, 2020


Hahn Air group, a German-based company, recently announced the integration of blockchain technology into its services to track tickets securely. This move, like many others across various industries, is increasingly becoming the norm rather than the exception. Companies, agencies and even countries are starting to tap into the blockchain technology to unlock their unrealized potential. From tokenizing natural wealth to proposing a program for rewarding soldier’s dedication on the blockchain, there seems to be no shortage of ways the blockchain technology can be leveraged.

But what can you really do with the blockchain technology?

While excitement for blockchain technology seems to be at an all-time high and everybody is about jumping in or has joined the wagon, the use cases for this highly-lauded technology remains paper-thin on the ground. For most users, the utility of this technology boils down to transferring and exchanging cryptocurrencies for speculations rather than utility. All the promises of this technology often come down to “But how many quids can I flip this for?”. While the industry likes to frown at this mindset, the truth is the industry is wholly responsible for encouraging and fostering this approach due to its inherent tribalism and walled garden state that makes it nigh impossible for technologies on the same protocol to communicate without mediators.

A decentralized economy for Blockchain Software as a Service

The Decentralized Autonomous Economy that Hybridverse is building is composed by decentralized workers (node operators) who provide network access to end-users that are using Hybridverse decentralized applications.


  1. End-users to leverage business ready dApps with a “pay as you go” model and fulfill operations like proof of ownership, proof of existence, creation of multiple types of digital assets, voting, etcetera.
  2. Node operators to become dApps providers on a flexible infrastructure that allows them to shape their business model accordingly and to focus their know how on creating new revenue streams and solutions.

With extra features in common regardless if you’re a user or a node operator:

  1. Code-less operations, with a “plug & play” approach that removes the need of building from scratch the application (saving time & money
  2. Machine-to-machine processing, whether it’s the data submitted in the dApp or the rewards for node operators, everything is fully distributed in a Decentralized Autonomous Economy regulated by smart contracts only.

Enter the Hybridverse

The current state of the technology has failed to provide seamless integration for a critical mass of new users and businesses. Those willing to adopt the technology are either required to build from scratch (if they possess sector-specific skills and “know-how” that in most of the cases they don’t have) or forced to rely on costly third-parties.

Hybridverse is a plug-and-play ecosystem of interoperable dApps that not only enable users and businesses to leverage blockchain technology but also to do so without needing to code a single line. From real-world data validation and verification to E-voting, end-to-end generation of digital assets, decentralized exchanges, stablecoin, and multi-currency wallets, Hybridverse keep users in complete control of their privacy.

Hybridverse infrastructure is designed to be developed with the clear optic in mind of achieving the best ratio between: transactions speed, transactions costs, compatibility, security, network decentralization combined with an overall user and provider experience that ensures accessibility and flexibility,

“Future is present”

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