Hybridverse Joins the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium.

The GLBC is composed of more than 120 large companies, law firms, software companies, universities and projects focused on developing standards and compliance guidelines for blockchain and smart contract technologies in the business of law.

The GLBC is a global network of legal industry stakeholders that aims to enhance security, governance and viability of blockchain and smart contract technologies to complement the way the legal industry interacts with them for the benefit of clients, in-house attorneys, legal service providers and the legal industry at large.

Hybridverse is proud to be part of such a wide and professional network that includes members such as Thomson Reuters, NEO, Integra and more.

Our participation in the GLBC will be focusing on the collaboration, standardization, clarification of those regulatory compliance requirements and due diligence standard procedures that will lay the foundation of how new blockchain regulatory models will be implemented, achieved and assured in regards of DLTs in general and stable digital assets in particular.

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