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Hybridverse Blockchain
3 min readNov 3, 2019



On November 5th it’ll be 1 year since we’ve started developing the first Proof of Concept for Hybridverse, which has subsequently submitted and approved by I3P, the Incubator of Innovative Enterprises of Turin Polytechnic.

Since then, we’ve started creating a network of collaboration with different private and public organizations, with names such as NVIDIA, GLBC, Accord Project, University of Turin and many more along with others that will be joining and collaborate with us to solve current and future challenges.

Hybridverse is the universe of decentralized applications, running with the same business logic across multiple and different public blockchains.

Addressing the need of adoption very well expressed by individuals and businesses towards blockchain technology, a technology that is too difficult to access (yet) for the many, with Hybridverse we are providing the flexibility to leverage multiple public blockchain networks for data validation & verification, voting, generation of digital assets, decentralized exchange, stablecoin settlements & more, allowing adopters to integrate the technology with zero lines of code and friendly system requirements made of a browser and a wallet only. With no compromises on decentralization, security, transparency as well as high cost efficiency and transactions throughput.

This and more, is Hybridverse


Blockchain technology has a broad range of applications across many sectors, insurtech, fintech, legaltech, data processing, supply-chain and much more. According to the World Economic Forum, 10% of the Global GDP will be built on blockchains by 2027 and this technology (along with IoT and AI) will lead the transition to the new Industry 4.0, reshaping society as we know it.

However, blockchain technology isn’t easy to access (yet), to the extent that it fails to provide seamless integration for a critical mass of new users that are willing to adopt and integrate, but in order to do so, are required to either build the technology from scratch (if they possess sector-specific skills and “know how” that in most of the cases they don’t have) especially at a business level given the learning curve required, are forced to rely on external consulting for the partial or whole development process, forcing them to hand out their data and customers to third parties, these are risk factors increasing the invested time and resources.

Those listed challenges, are posing a constraint for widespread adoption and in order to solve them, this Paper proposes a technology that enables to integrate multiple and different decentralized applications (dApps) running with the same business logic across different blockchains with a Plug & Play approach. Hybridverse enables the integration of blockchain technology without having to possess sector-specific coding skills, providing different purposes and use cases that can be implemented across different industries and business models. We are proposing a“universe” of Plug & Play, multi-purpose, secure, dApps ranging from real world data validation and verification, to E-voting, from end-to-end generation of digital assets, to decentralized exchanges, from stablecoins, to multi-currency wallets and more. This technology is called Hybridverse.

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If you’re part of the TL;DR “Too long, didn’t read” club, or if you want more focused information, just stay tuned aswe’ll be rolling out snippets of Hybrid Paper with a lot of material for you to do more research and find the piece of Hybridverse you’re searching for in order to make an informed decision.