Decentralizing Business, Participation & Governance /w/ Hybridverse DAE, Workchain & DDA.

Hybridverse Blockchain
4 min readNov 6, 2019


About Hybridverse

Hybridverse is a core technology company providing a blockchain Operation System composed of decentralized applications (dApps) running with the same business logic across multiple and different public blockchain networks.

Hybridverse overcomes and disrupts the logic of blockchain integration by proposing a comprehensive solution with the goal of providing production ready blockchain technology at low cost, high performance,and easy to use. An ecosystem where everyone can integrate blockchain technology in their operational workflow without having to focus on programming aspects.

Decentralized Economy, Hybridverse DAE

The governance of the Hybridverse Ecosystem is inspired by the Decentralized Autonomous Organization model (DAO). Hybridverse overcomes and abstracts DAO aading a business logic defined as Decentralized Autonomous Enterprise (DAE). Hybridverse DAE is a decentralized business governance model that empowers Delegate Nodes to license the access to Hybridverse Applications via HybridverseToken (HBDV), claim rewards from Applications usage, as well as votinggovernance mechanisms for Hybridverse Fuel & Price.

Distributed Participation, Workchain

The Workchain is a shared enterprise powered by decentralized workers. It allows Delegates to discover demand and add new economic value through the provision of fully end-to-end access to Hybridverse Applications.

Delegates can claim rewards from the usage in a decentralized way, maximizing market penetration through community adoption of the technology and receiving incentives for doing so.

Hybridverse Workchain presents many benefits:

Rewards: As long as there is participation, Delegates receive rewards.

Incentivization: Delegates are incentivized to promote usage inorder to claim specific rewards derived from their node.

Transparency: Each Hybridverse Application is based on publicblockchain infrastructures with transparent and immutable records.

Perpetual access: Hybridverse Applications are fully end-to-end andcan be accessed any day at any time through the smart contract with no pending times or clearance procedures.

Autonomous: Hybridverse applications are fully autonomous with nothird party required for transaction processing or rewards distribution.

Pay as you go: Users pay for what they use, no subscription needed.

Decentralized governance: Delegate nodes grant access to users and enforce governance in relation to Fuel & Price smart contract parameters.

Easy integration: Plug & Play access (only browser and wallet needed)

Higher market reach: Delegates can directly engage with demand based on a model that is directly proportional to the market reach ofthe Delegate. As they can sell the access and earn from it.

Participation from all sides: A user can also be a Delegate, allowing them to leverage transaction costs with rewards

Decentralized Governance with Hybridverse DDA

The Decentralized Delegates Assembly (DDA) is the decentralized governance model where Delegate Nodes are able to vote in order to change or maintain economic Price &Fuel fees of the ecosystem will further incentivize adoption.

The DDA starts as DDA Request, if approved, it becomes a DDA Vote.

The output of a DDA Vote is the Decree is a selective upgrade, such output can be written and change smart contracts parameters (e.g Timestamp Price).

A DDA can change or maintain the Price of a given Hybridverse dApp.

For more info about DDA read this part on Hybrid Paper here

Staking Rewards

Rewards benefits

  • Multi-currency: Fuel fees are collected and distributed in native currency units of the public blockchain network (e.g ETH for Ethereum network, ZIL for Zilliqa network, etcetera) the more public networks we add, the more the rewards portfolio expands.
  • Automatic: rewards are distributed autonomously and automatically.
  • Incentivizing: the more a Delegate Node has usage, the more specific rewards it receives.

How to run a Delegate Node

To run a Hybridverse Delegate node, the following is required:

500 HBDV staked in the smart contract

Submit Wallet of the designated blockchain network for rewards

(e.g Ethereum wallet)

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